Desert Excavating, Inc.

Yuma Arizona

Services we provide

Full service sewer system installations. Including sewer collection systems, lift stations, treatment plant construction. Dewatering for these installations is also provided.


Full service water system installations. Including complete water distribution systems, water mains and services, fire hydrants, fire lines, onsite and offsite water and fire line installations. Water treatment facility construction and repair.


Full service storm drain installations. Including storm drain main line, catch basins, headwalls, subsurface storm drain and retention system installations.

Storm drain

Conduit systems installations. Including, manholes, vaults, handholes, duct banks, and equipment pads.

Dry utilities

Contractor License #     ROC076036, ROC076035, ROC260575

We focus on underground utilities including water, sewer, storm drains, irrigation systems and other service utilities. Dewatering for these utilities is also furnished. These services include new subdivisions, commercial properties, schools, new water transmission mains, fire lines, new sewer collection mains, and storm drain systems.

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